Adding Delegated Email Boxes to User's Outlook Profile

  1. Open outlook and click on the “File”


       2. Click on “Account Settings” within the dropdown click on “Account Setting”


       3. In the Account Settings window that pops up; within the “E-Mail” tab highlight the user’s email address then click on “Change” icon.


       4. the Change Account window that pops up; click on “More Settings …” on the bottom right of the window


        5. In the Microsoft Exchange window that pops up; click on the “Advanced” tab then click on the “Add…” button under Mailboxes; in the new window “Add Mailbox” type in the name of the mailbox you would like to add (EX: Once added, click on “Apply” (Fig E)


        6. In the Change Account window, click on “Next >”. Should then receive a window saying that you are all set; click on “Finish” to complete process.






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