Find and Organize Apps on a Chromebook

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Find & organize apps:

If you've installed apps from the Google Play Store or the Chrome Web Store, here are tips for finding apps quickly and organizing them.

Find an app:

To search for an app on your Chromebook:

On your keyboard, press the Search key  or the Launcher key .
Enter the name of the app you want. The app will show in your search results.

Open an app:

In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher .
You'll see a list of apps you've used recently. Select the app you'd like to open.
Optional: To see all your apps, select Up arrow.
Use app shortcuts
Some apps offer shortcuts to a specific feature or action within the app.

To see if an app has a shortcut:

In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher  and then Up arrow .
Right-click on the app. From the drop-down menu, you will see if there are any shortcuts.
For example: When you right-click on Gmail Gmail, you will see Compose Compose . When you select Compose, you will go directly to a new email draft.

To search for an app shortcut:

In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher .
Start typing in the search box. If a shortcut is available, it will appear just below the search box.
For example: When you enter "trending" in the search box, you will see what videos are trending on YouTube.

Organize your apps:

Put apps in folders:

Put apps together in a folder: Drag an app on top of another app.
Name a folder: Click the folder.

Move apps around:

Click and hold an app, then drag it.


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