Bright Author How Tos

The following are instructions on how to set up Bright Author, change presentation content, upload presentations and more - the platform that runs the reader boards.

Bright Author How to:

Download Bright Author:

Note: Bright Author can only be run on Windows. Mac users need to run a program like Parallels that mimics Windows.

  1. Follow the link: and scroll down to BrightSign XD3
  2. Click BRIGHTAUTHOR and wait for the zip file to download
  3. Open file and extract all to desktop
  4. Double-click setup.
  5. Agree to terms and click the cog icon
    1. If prompted to download .NET files follow link and instructions
  6. Open Bright Author via shortcut on the desktop
    1. If no shortcut appears open from the start menu
  7. Right-click shortcut and pin to taskbar

For High School monitors, stop here

  1. Click publish tab
  2. Click Local Network
  3. Screen left, under Network Units field, click the + button
  4. Enter IP addresses found at I:\Advance\1 Marketing\Marketing Tools\Reader Boards\Best Practices, filename Readerboard Ip addresses.docx.
    1. Example:
  5. Right-click “access denied for”
  6. Select Specify Username/ Password
    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: br1ghts1gn
  7. Repeat 10-13 for all IP addresses


Creating a presentation:

  1. Open Bright author
  2. Click OK on Bonjour warning prompt
  3. Click File
  4. Select New Presentation
  5. Name New Presentation using Year_Term convention i.e. 2017_Spring Term
  6. Save as: I:\Advance\1 Marketing\Marketing Tools\Reader Boards\Content\2017 in the appropriate term folder
  7. Select screen resolution: 1920x1080x59.94p
    1. For Roger Rook 1st floor, Dye Learning Center and Community Center 127 select screen resolution: 1920x1080x59.94i and enable overscan.
  8. Click create
  9. Click choose

Uploading media to new or running presentations:

  1. Open Bright author
  2. Click OK on Bonjour warning prompt
  3. Save static media files in the appropriate term folders I:\Advance\1 Marketing\Marketing Tools\Reader Boards\Content\2017
  4. Save video files: I:\Advance\1 Marketing\Marketing Tools\Reader Boards\Bright author videos
    1. IMPORTANT: Once files are saved, do not move the file or it will break the link with Bright Author
    2. NOTE: Use three basic media types: .jpg, .mp4 and .html
      1. Bright author does not accept .mov or .gif files. Convert them to any of the file types above to run
  5. Drag media file into Playlist field and organize as per your needs
  6. Right-click the media you dragged in
  7. Click edit
  8. Set transition: Default is fade to a new image
  9. Select Publish tab
  10. Click save presentation
  11. Select Bright sign unit, screen left
  12. Click Publish button
  13. Wait for the unit to write
  14. Close program

Note: Media created in Powerpoint and most video editing software is default 1920x1080 ratio. Powerpoint files can be saved as .jpgs and uploaded. Static files created in other platforms (Photoshop, Indesign, etc.) should be created at 1920x1080 pixels. The program will not allow files with dimensions larger than the designated maximum size to be uploaded e.g. 4K file sizes are 4096x2160x60p. Files that are too small will automatically overscan and may pixelate.

Do not move files. Bright Author links to the files. Moving them breaks the link. If a file is moved, a pop-up window will prompt you to search for file and reestablish the link.


Uploading a presentation to the BrightSign network

  1. Open designated school presentation in Bright Author.
  2. Make content changes.
  3. Save presentation
  4. Click Publish tab
  5. Select the group that matches your presentation name
  6. Click Edit tab
  7. In Overwrite? Pop up window click yes
  8. If prompted to overwrite again, click yes.
  9. Click Ok.
  10. Close Bright Author


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