SSPR - Self Service Password Reset Instructions

Self Service Password Reset


In the new web portal, there are new links to Password Change and Reset:


In order for these to be enabled, there is a quick initial setup process that every user will be asked to complete when first accessing the links or signing in to something that requires Windows authentication.


The user will see a generic Microsoft message asking for additional details/information after choosing their CCC account and being redirected through our automated login process:


Any of the presented options can be configured, but the Security Questions option was included so no personal phone number or email address would have to be used to complete the process. The users desk phone number is pre-populated from their Active Directory information.


Select your preferred verification/recovery method, and complete the required steps (will vary based on method selected). The Security Questions option will present users with a list of 20 commonly used questions- the user will need to select 4 and provide answers for the questions selected. The process will complete and self-service password reset will be configured for the account.



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