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Business Office

Business Office

Campus Services

Campus Services assists with work requests that range from custodial issues to remodel projects. We assist with learning space design, furniture, interior and exterior renovations and enhancements, campus infrastructure maintenance and landscape maintenance.

College Relations and Marketing

We’re the College Relations and Marketing team, and we can help promote your event, share your message, design materials and more — for FREE! Give us your idea and we can run with it!

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division provides guidance on strategic management, talent acquisition (recruitment) and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, policy and guidelines, employee and labor relations, and risk management.

Information Technology Services

ITS is a dedicated team of technology specialists who work behind the scenes to meet your technology needs. ITS provides computing, communications, and technology infrastructure services and support for Clackamas Community College. We have staff on every campus and provide technology support for the entire CCC community.


The Website team manages content for the public college website and the college intranet.

Institutional Research (IR)

The Office of Institutional Research and Reporting is dedicated to providing accurate, relevant and timely data to inform decision making and planning at the College. Service requests for this area focus on supporting the college's mission fulfillment and student outcomes.

Online Learning/Moodle Support

Our Online Learning/Moodle support team includes learning management system specialists and educational technology specialists who cover campus-wide support for the CCC Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle and provide user assistance for course management support and education technology training.

Applied Information Technology Services (AIT)

Focused on student, enrollment, curriculum and library related systems and services, we are here to help you utilize or optimize the functional use of college information systems and data in a way that drives continuous improvement, strategic priorities and institutional and departmental objectives. We can help with functional usage of supported systems and any related issues, as well as with new technical implementation and system configuration needs, data needs, and process improvement – appropriately coordinating with IT, IR and other groups as needed.

Data and Reports

Request support with data, reports, or access to data systems.

Motor Pool

Request a Vehicle or Authorize a New Driver