Data-Based Decisions Tip: Convene Regular Data Meetings (2024)

This article showcases the University of Kentucky's (UK) approach to fostering a culture of evidence through regular, structured data meetings, which focus on student success metrics like retention. Originating with a strategic emphasis on data analytics to guide university policies and actions, these meetings have evolved into a key component of the institution’s student success initiatives. They provide a forum for cross-departmental collaboration, where diverse stakeholders analyze data to identify barriers to student success and develop timely interventions.

Main Takeaways:

  • Weekly Open-Door Meetings: Initiated to enhance data-driven decision-making, these meetings started with around 10 attendees and now attract up to 80 participants from various departments.
  • Focus on Retention: Discussions revolve around retention metrics, with data analytics guiding the understanding and development of interventions.
  • Process and Engagement: Meetings allow for real-time data exploration, with attendees bringing insights from their direct experiences. This setup helps in both contextualizing data and spotting larger trends or issues that need addressing.
  • Democratizing Data: By involving a wide array of campus partners, the meetings help democratize the problem-solving process, accelerating the institution's ability to respond to student needs effectively.
  • Impact on Institutional Policies: These data meetings have not only increased retention rates but also improved the overall evidence-based culture at UK, aligning resources more effectively with student needs.
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Wed 5/15/24 10:21 AM