Project Intake Flow (draft)

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Project  Idea

Step 1

Idea Submitted via Project Idea Form in TDX





Medium & Large


Step 2

(to be determined)

PM team meets during Project Lifecycle meeting - Evaluator assigned.   

  • PIF filled out 
  • Evaluator assigned 
  • Evaluator meets with requester 
  • Fill out Project Request Form (PRF) aka long form
  • Start noting technical team or resource groups needed 
  • Ensure all supporting documents are attached 
  • Ensure Sponsor is named 
  • Requester meets with Sponsor 
  • Evaluator, requestor and sponsor meet to ensure all are on same page
  • Evaluator selects automated workflow based on size.
  • Evaluator adds Sponsor to next step (in TDX) before approving this step.


Step 3 

Sponsor Accepts Project 

  • Sponsor accepts role in writing (attached to project if not approved by the sponsor) 
    • Evaluator approves on behalf of sponsor if sponsor does not directly approve within TDX

Step 4

Develop Charter

  • Develop preliminary scope, time and cost estimate
  • High-level requirements
  • Conduct detailed business
  • requirements analysis
  • Business Requirements
  • Use Cases
  • Validations
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Estimate Target ᄆ 30%

Step 5

Resource Estimates 

  • Evaluator meets with Sponsor and Requester 
  • Project Request Form (PRF) presented 
  • Team capacity discussed 
  • Resource estimates noted for as far into the plan as we can go. (+/- 50% for now) 

Step 6

Accept Charter 

  • Gain Sponsor approval to proceed with planning

Step 7


  • Evaluator meets with Sponsor, Requester, and Key Stakeholders to score project for prioritization. (document justifications for scores in score sheet)
  • Escalate scoring to CIO or ITS Director if needed 

Step 8

Evaluator presents to ITS Leadership 

  • Project Request Form (PRF) presented (approved/rejected) 
  • Discussion of direction 
  • Review of score/prioritization 
  • Review of Resource Estimates (+/- 50% for now) 

Step 9

ITS Director Approves Resources

CIO Approves Resources




Medium & Large

Step 10

Project Team Review with ITS Director

Project Team Review with ITS Director

  • Evaluator presents  
  • Approval/Rejection 
  • Evaluator documents approval/rejection

Leadership Cabinet (LC) Review  

  • Evaluator presents  
  • Approval/Rejection 
  • Evaluator documents on behalf of LC


Step 11

(to be determined)

Project Manager Assigned from Team

  • Schedule Project kickoff
  • Complete requirement gathering 
  • Create plan (Spreadsheet, Card Wall, etc.) 
  • Project Charter Reviewed
  • Solution discussion


Project Manager Assigned from ITS PM Team

  • Schedule Project kickoff
  • Complete requirement gathering 
  • Create Project Plan (WBS/Gantt) 
  • Project Charter Reviewed
  • Solution discussion 



Step 12

Project tracked using team’s preferred method and reports project status to ITS Leadership periodically.

Project Changes from Project Request to Tracked Project

Step 13

Project goes into “Planning” phase

Step 14

Project goes into “Execution” phase

Project Close

Step 15

(to be determined)

Project Closing

  • Develop Documentation
  • Transition to Operations
  • Celebrate & Reward


Project Closing

  • Develop Documentation
  • Transition to Operations
  • Document Lessons Learned
  • Save lessons learned to PDF and file in TDX under Lessons Learned folder in the briefcase (or Files once project is closed) 
  • Archive Project
  • Celebrate & Reward



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