ITS is a dedicated team of technology specialists who work behind the scenes to meet your technology needs. ITS provides computing, communications, and technology infrastructure services and support for Clackamas Community College. We have staff on every campus and provide technology support for the entire CCC community.

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A repository of information around the communication, roll out, implementation, and support of MFA at CCC.

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Adding a network drive to an Apple/MAC Computer

This KB article covers adding or mapping the network drive(s) on an Apple/MAC computer and or laptop.

Adding Delegated Email Boxes to User's Outlook Profile

Instructions for adding an email box to a User's Outlook profile that they have delegate (read/write) rights too.

Docuware stuck on: "Your document is being created and uploaded"

What to do when your docuware scanner is stuck on: "Your document is being created and uploaded"

Email encryption and added security to files sent through email

Information of email encryption and a method of how you can encrypt a file sent through an email.

Installing a Networked Printer

How to add a CCC network printer to your Windows 10 PC.

Instructions for Settiing up the MAC Lab MAC Computers

This KB article covers the process for setting up MAC Lab computers and is the entire process broken down into the following 5 sections:

Section 1 - Apple/MAC out of the box initial setup
Section 2 - Installation of Parallels for SCCM
Section 3 - Installation of Microsoft Office
Section 4 - System Profile Installation to Join to "ccc_lab" Network
Section 5 - Creating an Admin level user profile for "ITS"

Manually adding Email Accounts (Control Panel)

Instructions for how to add an email account through control panel-mail

Manually adding permissions for outlook calendars

Instructions for manually adding permissions to other users to access calendar in outlook.

Outlook Signature block instructions

Instructions and template provided for creating outlook signature block

Quick Guide - How to log into myClackamas for Staff

This KB article is helpful for new staff members and covers the basic steps to log into the myClackamas portal.

Setting up automatic replies in Outlook (program)

Instructions for adding an automatic reply to an email account

Updating Group Policy

1) Open up command prompt by typing CMD into start or search button
2) Run in admin mode
3) Type gpupdate and hit enter