Submitting an ITS Project Request

  1. Execute the “CCC Service Desk.exe” icon
  2. From the TeamDynamix screen select ITS or “Information Technology”
    • Before submitting a new project request, check to see if yours is already in the project schedule. By clicking on “View ITS Project Dashboard”.
    • Scroll down on the project dashboard.
    • Project names can be misleading, but you can see who the requestor is and who the SME is to follow up.
    • If you don’t see your project request, it could be that the status is still “unsubmitted”.
    • Go back to the ITS screen and click on “Submit an ITS Ticket” (to view your unsubmitted requests)
  3. To look at your project requests click on “Project Requests”.
    • If you have not yet filled out a request scroll down and select “Project Request Form”.
  4. From the Project Requests page you can check the box “Show only requests where I am the requestor” to shorten the list. (Press “Search”).
  5. If your project shows
  6. “Not Submitted”, the evaluator can not be assigned an cannot start working on the project request evaluation. You will need to go into the project request and “submit” the request. This is to give you time to finish filling out as much of the request as possible before the evaluator starts the preliminary discovery workflow that will determine when and if the project request becomes an ITS Project.


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