Setting up MFA for vendor accounts

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If you are a vendor with a Clackamas account and you are experiencing difficulties logging in, please follow these steps to ensure your MFA is set up properly.

1. Log in here with your CCC account information (you will need to use a private browsing window if your organization utilizes SSO)
The login window should look like this after selecting a work/school account on the Microsoft sign in page.



2. Upon successful login, you'll be presented with this window. Click next.



3. At this point, you need to choose a method of authentication. The two supported methods in our environment for MFA is Authentication Phone/Call me, and Mobile App/Notify me. You cannot use any code-based methods, they will not work!

For phone call setup, continue reading. For Mobile App instructions, click here.

  • Select Authentication Phone
  • Enter your phone number
  • Select the "Call me" radio button
  • Click next


At this point, the phone number you entered will receive a robo-call from Microsoft. You need to answer this call and press the # button to successfully authenticate. The call may take 5-10 seconds to arrive. When you attempt to remote into a server through the RD Gateway, once you've entered your credentials, get ready to answer that phone and hit the # key.


4. For those wanting to use the Mobile App, do the following.

  • Select "Mobile App" from the dropdown
  • Select the "Receive notifications for verification" radio button
  • Click "Set up"


5. Follow the directions in the next image. After selecting work or school account in step 2, make sure to scan the QR code. 



6. When you click next, you'll see this screen. Make sure to check your phone for an authentication notification from Miscrosoft, and tap "Approve". Then click next.



7. The last thing you'll need to do is add your phone number in case you lose access to the mobile application. Then click next. You're done! From now on, when you log into a CCC server through the RD Gateway, once you've entered your credentials to log in, you'll need to check your phone for the MFA notification. Click "Approve" and you should get connected.



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