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Office Suite Guide

The Microsoft Office suite is provided for free to all staff and currently enrolled students. All of the resources primarily live on the Office website without needing to download any software. You can, however, download the Office suite from the website if you prefer using the suite as desktop applications. Using the resources on the website acts very similarly to the Google suite of applications. OneDrive is like Google Drive, Word is like Google Docs, Excel is like Google Sheets, etc. 

Accessing The Office Suite

The Office suite lives on the Office website. There are two ways you can access the page:

  1. The first is going straight to and clicking on "Sign in" on the main page. It will then ask for an email address and password which will be the same credentials you use for MyClackamas.

  2. The other method is to access the page through MyClackamas. In the portal there will be a section in the bottom right where you can click on to get to



Using the web applications

On the main page of the website you will see recent files you accessed, files that were shared to you, or other content. In the left panel you can click on "Apps" to see all the office applications that are licensed to you. 


When selecting one of the application options, you will see all the different template options to create a new document and it will also show you all the files you created and are shared to you by others. 


When you select one of the templates it will bring you to a blank document. Documents are automatically saved as you write them and can be shared with other college members to edit the files at the same time.


Where the files are stored/OneDrive

Every file that you create in the web version of the Office suite gets stored in another web application called OneDrive. OneDrive is essentially another cloud drive like Google Drive that can be accessed from any computer.

The only way web applications can access any of the office suite files (word, excel, etc) is if they are stored in your OneDrive.

OneDrive is also the page you will need to be at if you want to delete files. On the OneDrive page, in the left panel you will see a section called "My Files". As the name implies, this is where all of the files are stored. This is the area you will need to be at to delete the files.

Lastly, if you want to share files with other college members, you can right click the files and enter their email address. You can only share files to email address ending with either "" or "".


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