Best Way To Ask AI Questions


How to phrase questions to get the best results from the Conversational AI ?


The Conversational AI also referred to as CAI, is still learning. Please on your first attempt ask your question or query in a natural way as if you were speaking to a person. This first attempt may not be successful, but this is how the AI learns to be better in the future. If the AI doesn't understand what you asked for please try rephrasing the question. An example might be 1st attempt: "Could you please help me install Mastercam on my computer." 2nd attempt(simplify): "I need help installing Mastercam". 

Here is a list of some items the AI should be able to provide information on:

  • Shared Email Boxes
  • Can't Access Something
  • Classroom Projector Issues
  • Classroom Technology
  • DocuWare Forms
  • DocuWare Workflows
  • Email Access Issues
  • Laptop Battery Issues
  • Monitor or Display Issues
  • Network Drive Access
  • New Employee Onboard Info
  • Phone Setup/Configuratioin
  • Email Setup
  • Smartboard Issues
  • Software Installation
  • Staff Password Reset - to Reset your own password
  • Student Name Changes - Special permission required
  • Student Password Reset - Special permission required
  • Some Jokes
  • Some Small talk
  • Service Catalog - this is a shortcut and will display all of ITS's Service Catalog for you to choose a ticket type to submit a ticket
  • Search KB - Technician's only, after searching the KB if nothing is found, internet is searched, and KB auto created

Even if the subject of your issue is not listed, please ask it anyway. These questions will get added to a list. This is how we build and add new tasks that the AI can provide assistance with.

You can also simply specify a ticket type within the ITS category, for example: Colleague Record Lock, or Report Incident. These types of queries will take you directly to that ticket type for you to fill it out, bypassing the several clicks it normally takes from the menu. Several of these forms already will be CAI assisted in filling them out. As the CAI matures more and more of these forms will be CAI assisted, and will need minimal imput from you to complete and submit.

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