Outlook Signature block instructions


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  Start Highlight above this text up to [Name] for Step 1.

1) Copy and paste the template above into a word doc. Replace the [Name] with your name and [Title] with the title you would like to associate yourself with and the last 4 numbers in the phone number line to your assigned extension. (above)
2) Highlight the signature block that you pasted in step 1 until the signature block is highlighted, right click the highlighted signature and select “copy” (Fig. A)

3) Open Outlook and start a new email. In the “Message” tab, click on “Signature” in the Include section then click on “Signatures…” (Fig. B)

[Fig. B]

4) In the E-mail Signature Tab, click on “New” and enter a name for your signature. Once finished, click on “Ok”. In the Edit Signature box; paste your copied signature in the open space(Fig. C)

[Fig. C]

5) To set it up to always use your signature in new emails and/or replies/forwards within the E-mail Signature tab under “Choose default signature” ensure that E-mail account name dropdown is on your email account name, the dropdown for “New messages” is on your signature name, and that the “Replies/forwardsdropdown is on your signature name as well. (Fig. D) Ensure that you click “Ok” at the bottom right corner of the signature window to ensure that your changes saves.

[Fig. D]


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