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Accessing a calendar that was shared to you

How to access calendars that were shared to you.

Auto reply for college email

How to setup automatic replies for your own email or a shared college email address.

Change how often Outlook Desktop checks for new mail

Instructions on how to force Outlook Desktop Application to check for email more often than it may by default.

Email encryption and added security to files sent through email

Information of email encryption and a method of how you can encrypt a file sent through an email.

Manually adding permissions for outlook calendars

Instructions for manually adding permissions to other users to access calendar in outlook.

Non-junk emails are going to the junk folder

How to deal with good emails going to the junk folder

Opening another mailbox in the Outlook Web App

How to open another inbox in Outlook Web App

Outlook Signature block instructions

Instructions and template provided for creating outlook signature block

Submitting a suspicious email to ITS

This article teaches a person how to submit a suspicious email to ITS for analysis