Non-junk emails are going to the junk folder

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The CCC email system handles tens of thousands of emails on a daily basis. Unfortunately, recent events such as account compromises and internal spam have created an environment where, occasionally, normal email gets classified as junk and put into the junk folder.

Here are a few things you can do to help mitigate this problem.

1. Check your junk mail folder often

2. Mark good emails that end up in your junk folder as "Not junk" by following these steps

There are two sets of instructions - one set for using Outlook on your desktop, and one set for using Outlook online.

For those who are checking their email on the Outlook Desktop Application - click on your junk mail folder to view the contents. When you see something that isn't junk, right click on the email, highlight junk, and select not junk. This will help teach our system and reduce the flagging of good email as junk.



Outlook on the Web, OWA

If you are using Outlook online, the process is even simpler. Click on your junk mail folder and find an email that isn't junk. To mark it as not junk, right click on the email and click mark as not junk.



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