Submitting a suspicious email to ITS

Submitting a suspicious email to ITS

If you come across an email that you believe is suspicious, you can report it to ITS for analysis. There are two ways to do this, with the preferred method being submitting the email through the phishing button. By submitting the email with the phishing button, the system makes it easier for ITS to separate and analyze contents inside the suspicious email than forwarding it. If you don't use Outlook, the phishing button will not be available for use. In this case, please forward suspicious emails to If you do use Outlook but you do not see a red fish button, please put in a service desk ticket or call 503-594-3500 and let us know you don't have the red fish button.


Method 1: The phish button (AKA red fish button)

This is a button that resembles a red fish that should be located in your Outlook client of choice. Please see the two pictures below for Desktop and Web version respectively.

Desktop Outlook


Web Outlook


After reporting an email with the Phish button, you will see one of two messages. They both indicate a successful submission of the message. Once you see one of them, simply close the notification. A member of ITS will analyze the email and respond to you, so you may choose to keep the email until the analysis is complete, or delete the email. 


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