Transferring tickets from one TDX application to another

We have multiple ticketing applications at CCC. You can use the “Move to Application” option to move the ticket into another ticketing application. You will only be able to move tickets to other applications that you have access to. When the ticket is moved, any fields that exist in both ticketing applications will be transferred. Otherwise, if there are fields in this ticketing application that the other ticketing application does not have, the values will be added to the Feed so the information isn't lost.

To move a ticket to another application:

1. Open the ticket you would like to move. Go to the "Actions" menu button.





2. Choose "Move to Application" (If you do not have that option, contact the TDX System Admin so they can correct your permissions)


3. This will bring up a list of destination applications, choose the one you want. If it is a Service Request in your application, ensure that you are picking a service request in the new application. (If you do not see the Application you need to transfer the ticket to, please contact the TDX System Admin for additional permissions)


4. There will be a final confirmation page that explains what will be moved and what won't be moved.


5. On this page, you can pick what service to assign. This will ensure that the correct group or team in the other department will be notified of the transfer of responsibility.


6. You can either type in the service, if you know the name, or click the magnifying glass to the right to look through a list.


7. Once that is filled out, click the “Move” button at the top of the page. You are done.


If you need to move a ticket to the HR application:

Due to handling confidential information, the HR application access is limited to HR Staff ONLY. If you need to transfer a ticket to HR, follow these steps:

1. Open the ticket you would like to move. Go to the "People" tab at the top of the page.


2. On the people page, type Aldene Okihara

3. Click the Add button. She will then be added as a contact to the ticket.

4. Go back to the General tab. Scroll down to the start of the ticket feed and add a comment

5. Make sure you notify Aldene of the comment, add a note asking her to review the ticket and then click Save. Aldene will review and then transfer the ticket to the HR application if necessary.

TDX System Admin:

  1. Enable the appropriate permissions in both ticketing applications (source app and destination app). Only HR staff is allowed access to the HR application!
    • A user must have access to both applications (TDAdmin > Users > choose user > Applications)
    • A user must also have the following Security Role option in the originating ticketing application checked: “The user will be able to move tickets to other ticketing applications”. (This is adjusted in TDAdmin > Applications > appname > Security Roles


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