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FAQs for people who have been forcibly removed from the CCC network
Clackamas Community College (CCC) instructors, for the purposes of teaching network, information security, software development, and other Information Technology Services curriculum may utilize a teaching environment known as a Sandbox Environment.

This policy shall be subject to and superseded by applicable regulations and laws.
The CIO shall implement a risk management program which shall reduce the information security risk exposure to a threshold acceptable to the CCC Executive Team. The risk management program shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations imposed upon CCC.
CCC’s Defense in Depth strategy seeks to prevent the intrusion and activation of malicious software, commonly referred to as “malware”. There are various types of malware and prevention may require different techniques and technologies. This policy seeks to protect the college, students, faculty, and staff from the adverse impact of malware infection.
Security Policy Governing standards, policies, and guidelines
Information of email encryption and a method of how you can encrypt a file sent through an email.