Popular Services

Do you have a project that requires graphic design? Creative Services is CCC's award-winning in-house design team. We can help with anything from banners and brochures to fliers and forms.

CCC’s IT service desk team supports Dell laptops

Other requests that are not listed.

Help us keep the website up to date and make improvements to better serve the CCC community.

Request raw data, an analysis, or a report. Ask if a report exists that will meet your needs.

Office 365 combines email, calendars and contacts

Services provided by Building Maintenance may include items such as plumbing, installations, painting, repairs, outdoor trash clean-up, graffiti removal, and parking lot/sidewalk maintenance.

Payroll forms, time card entry, payroll tools & FAQ's.

This includes non-laptop computers in offices or classrooms

Have questions about your benefits (medical, dental, vision, tuition, professional development, etc.)? Use this service request to ask benefit questions!

We can help with your marketing and communication needs.

Furniture requests include: Space planning, surplus furniture orders, and new furniture purchases.

Use this request to get assistance releasing Colleague Record Locks

The plant service requests are related to electrical, lighting, elevators, and temperature control.

Requests for job description creation/edits, reclassification, lead pay, shift differential, transfers, etc.

For requesting new or replacement keys.

Faculty Assignment Contract (FAC) Support.

I would like help to determine possibilities, implement or adjust systems based on current desires, or just get a better understanding of how things are actually working in our systems.

Request access to Colleague.

Custodial service requests include sanitation issues/requests for bathrooms, interior garbage/recycling, carpet cleaning and vacuuming, as well as windows.

Most CCC classrooms include presentation podiums with Windows PC, monitor, document camera, LCD projector, screen and inputs for HDMI, USB, VGA with 1/8″ audio.

Questions, problems or requests related to data transfer between vendors/partners and CCC, Data Warehouse, Reporting Services, database modifications and permissions. This does not include requests related to Colleague.  Please use "Colleague Requests"  under the category section to submit Colleague requests.

This Service Area is for the REPAIR of keys/locks for doors, cabinets, lockers and file cabinets.