Applied Information Technology Services (AIT)

Focused on student, enrollment, curriculum and library related systems and services, we are here to help you utilize or optimize the functional use of college information systems and data in a way that drives continuous improvement, strategic priorities and institutional and departmental objectives. We can help with functional usage of supported systems and any related issues, as well as with new technical implementation and system configuration needs, data needs, and process improvement – appropriately coordinating with IT, IR and other groups as needed.

Services (4)

System Issue or Malfunction

Help me, something (other than a report) seems to be malfunctioning or not working properly!

This may also include research into any issues or situations that need to be looked into further.

System Modification, Enhancement or General System Research

I would like help to determine possibilities, implement or adjust systems based on current desires, or just get a better understanding of how things are actually working in our systems.

Data or Reporting Request

Help me build, adjust or fix a reusable report, or help acquire/extract, understand or clean data!

Larger Project Inclusion

Help me by becoming a team member on a larger project that may need all kinds of these types of things over the duration of the project!