Institutional Research (IR)

The Office of Institutional Research and Reporting is dedicated to providing accurate, relevant and timely data to inform decision making and planning at the College. Service requests for this area focus on supporting the college's mission fulfillment and student outcomes.

Services (3)

Grant Support

Working with the Grants Coordinator to apply for a grant, and in need of data?
Need assistance with grant reporting?
Use this ticket to request grant support!

Measurement of Performance Outcomes

Do you need to request data to support assessment, planning efforts, program reporting, and/or communication with community members? Needing research support to evaluation the effectiveness of a program? Use this ticket to request general IR support!

Survey Support

Are you creating a survey and unsure of where to start? Maybe you have a draft survey and want someone to review the questions. Submit a ticket here, and someone from the IR team will help you with your survey needs. This includes identifying an ideal time to administer your survey, and survey analysis services.