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Categories (6)

Board of Education

Policies and Procedures for overall college operations.


A place to find all things related to being an amazing employee of Clackamas Community College.

College-Wide Initiatives and Processes

This category provides information related to college-wide initiatives such as Shared Governance, Accreditation, etc.

College-Wide Committees

A link to all our wonderful committees at the college. Click here for everything you need to know!


OHIT KB Administration

Instructions for Sponsor(s) and/or Co-Chair(s) assigned to add to, update and maintain the OHIT KB, including how to create Categories and Articles and the proper use of Article template, as well as a recommended tag list to support search feature.

CCC - Acronyms & Abbreviations Key

Please contribute to the shared workbook any acronyms/abbreviations you know about to help OHIT improve this living document and make it a useful and comprehensive resource.